Andrew Lane


Originally from Yorkshire and educated at Leeds Polytechnic, Andrew started as a Design Engineer at Caterpillar in the North of England. He then joined a startup in an American family-owned company, working his way up from a Project Engineer to leadership roles in manufacturing. Andrew transformed the company by focusing on people power, information sharing, transparency and teamwork, boosting revenue from under £500K to over £11M.

Later on, he helped set up a UK branch for an American company and navigated challenges to sell it, saving jobs and benefiting the parent company. Returning to Yorkshire, Andrew played a crucial role in turning Sutcliffe Play into an employee-owned business. As the Managing Director of Union Industries, he led another successful shift to Employee Ownership, growing the company’s revenue from under £5M to around £11.5M. Throughout his career, Andrew has been passionate about a fair business model, making sure that success is shared with the entire team.

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