From family-owned foundry to employee-owned consultancy, we have a rich and interesting history.


Our company began life as a family-owned foundry, manufacturing railway carriages and gas lit lampposts.

Over time, we changed emphasis in the products manufactured, becoming the leading maker of domestic boilers in the UK.


After many years of research on fairer alternatives to the family-owned model, Philip Baxendale – whose great grandfather had started the business – took the company into employee trust ownership.


Having sold its manufacturing activities, the company developed into a capital fund and consultancy service, specialising in supporting mutual and employee ownership, carrying on the vision of Philip Baxendale.

In the same year, the original Trust Deed was strengthened and enshrined in perpetuity by The Baxi Partnership Trusts Act 2000 created solely for that purpose, the only one its kind.


In recognition of the importance of this history, 30 years after Philip took the original business into employee ownership, we rebranded the business as simply Baxendale.

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