Bid Offer Options

Our service offers direct support for health providers in the primary, community and secondary care spaces.

We deliver outstanding results: Our team has secured over £3 billion of contracts for our clients, with an 88%-win rate (94% on Quality).

As a small but powerful consultancy, we can tailor our bid support to your needs.

Comprehensive Bid Strategy

At Baxendale, we understand that winning tenders of significant scale requires more than just a strong track record.

Our comprehensive approach to bid strategy is designed to maximise your chances of success by highlighting your strengths and mitigating weaknesses.

We can help by:

  • Analysing the commissioner’s objectives and tailoring a
    strategy that aligns with their goals
  • Conducting a thorough market and competitor analysis to
    identify your strengths and weakness, accompanied by a
    strategy that accentuates your advantages and neutralises
    any limitations
  • Developing a compelling vision and service offer, setting
    the foundation for further developing work, ensuring a clear
    and impactful proposal
  • Identifying and emphasising key win themes that resonate
    with the commissioner
  • Tailored strategies for clinical governance, workforce,
    performance, information management and technology and
    estates, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive proposal

Partnership Scoping and Development

Increasingly, organisations are required to bid as partnerships in order to meet the commissioners requirements.

This can be due to:

  • The scale of the contracts being issue
  • Different services being combined to provide an integrated offer
  • Technology requirements requiring a partner

We can support you to analyse the market trends and identify potential partners that complement your service offer. Alongside this, we can help navigate development of a partnership bid and the elements that are crucial to get right ahead of submission from
shared vision and partnership principles to the bidding model, commercial and governance arrangements.

Expert Bid Management

We are experts in bid management and can help you prepare and plan for your successful tender processes. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with your team to define ways of working and establish a joint team between our company and yours.

We will identify key members of the bid team, their roles and responsibilities, and mitigate any potential risks and issues. We will develop and manage a detailed timetable to ensure key dates and milestone are met, giving you a competitive edge.

Bid Writing

As part of your bid team, we offer our expertise in bid writing to help you meet bid deadlines. Our team will draft and refine responses, providing additional capacity and ensuring your bid stands out from the competition. With our support, you can have confidence in the quality and effectiveness of your bid.

Bid Review

Our bid review service is ideal for organisations with an in-house bid resource who want an independent and thorough assessment of their bid. Our team conducts a comprehensive review of all important elements, ensuring your bid is compelling, well-structured, and effectively communicates your unique selling points. We identify any potential gaps or areas for improvement, giving you the opportunity to make necessary adjustments before submission. Our goal is to help you enhance the quality of your bids and increase your success rate.

Tender Review

If you’ve been bidding without success, our tender improvement process can help. By analysing your previously submitted bids, we identify strengths and areas for improvement. We provide valuable insights and recommendations to enhance your future offers, increasing your chances of winning tenders in the future.

Critical Friend Service

Beyond a bid review, our critical friend service offers a comprehensive analysis of Invitation to Tender (ITT) documents.

We help identify and craft clarification questions, conduct strategy research, and assist with answer structures. Our coaching and guidance provide valuable insight from the buyer’s perspective, helping your bid team build skills and confidence in the bid management process.

We also provide assistance with upload and submission, ensuring a smooth and professional tender process.

Bid Library Service

Whether you need to review an existing bid library or establish one from scratch, our bid library service has you covered. We ensure your bid library is fit for purpose, organising documents and case studies to best practice standards. Our suggested index, document creation, and review process implementation ensure your bid library is a valuable resource for future bids.

Financial Modelling Services

We offer comprehensive financial modelling services tailored to the service you’re bidding to provide. We will create a detailed workforce and financial model that will quantify the financial implications of your proposed service, enabling informed planning and decision-making. We can simulate various scenarios such as changes in funding or demand and provide valuable insights for budget allocation. Our aim is to help you navigate financial complexities with ease and confidence, ensuring the financial sustainability of your proposed service.

Social Value Evaluation

At Baxendale we understand the importance of social impact and corporate values. We collaborate closely with our clients to develop workable and innovative social value initiatives that align with their organisational mission. Our goal is to help you showcase the positive impact your initiatives will have on local communities, the environment, and society as a whole.

We align with the Government’s Social Value Model and the TOMS (Themes, Outcomes, Measures) framework to articulate the benefits of your social value initiatives to commissioners. With our expertise, your organisation will demonstrate a commitment to creating lasting social change.

Standard Selection Questionnaire (SSQ)

The SSQ is often overlooked, but it plays a vital role in the tender process. Incomplete or incorrect submissions can result in organisations being excluded.

At Baxendale we take over completion of the SSQ, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is provided. We use reliable sources, such as Companies House data, to enhance the quality of your submission. Our team also crafts high-quality narratives for contract-specific questions, ensuring your bid stands out and meets all requirements.


Outsourced Bid Team

Our team of seasoned experts works alongside your clinical, operational and business development teams, delivering tailored bid support exactly when you need it. Our service is bespoke, curated specifically to meet your unique needs and circumstances. A crucial part of our offer is the development of a bid and content library, created in collaboration with you, which ensures that all information is kept relevant, up-to-date and is easily retrievable for future use.

We support with sourcing and careful evaluation of bid opportunities, informing strategic bid/no bid decisions that are vital to your success, taking the reins and managing the entire bid process from start to finish, allowing you to concentrate on your core operations.

As part of our meticulous bid management approach, we delve into analysing tender documents, overseeing the entire bid production and submission process. We can organise service design workshops, create detailed question outlines, conduct insightful interviews with your subject matter experts, and then move into the drafting stage. Here, we work tirelessly, refining and rewriting until your submissions are as perfect as they can be. Our support extends beyond submission. We can assist in preparation for bidder interviews and presentations, ensuring these all-important stages are not faced alone. Additionally, we’re at hand to address any post-clarification queries that may arise.

Mid-Contract Review Process

Designed specifically to navigate the changes introduced by the Procurement Act 2023 and the Provider Selection Regime, this service is crucial for health and social care providers seeking to retain their contracts without the hassle and expense of a tender process. With the new regulations, procurement now encompasses the entire contracting lifecycle, leading to increased transparency. Providers demonstrating sufficient performance can be directly awarded new contracts, bypassing the competitive process. To help you capitalise on this, we offer an independent and comprehensive review of your service delivery mid-way through your existing contract term or annually, if preferred.

Our experts will assess your delivery against the original tender specification, contract terms, and your bid offer. We provide a detailed report highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement, coupled with actionable suggestions to enhance your service delivery for the rest of the contract term.

As an independent and authoritative voice, our aim is to put you in a powerful position when your contract ends, increasing the likelihood of a direct contract award for a further term.

Provider Selection Regime (PSR) Consulting Services

Much like a tender process, the PSR requires a high level of scrutiny. As a provider,
you are expected to exhibit evidence of superior service delivery, value for money,
and innovation. Our strategic approach is designed to help you boost your chances
of automatic contract renewal at the end of the term. We offer:

A Strategic Approach

  • We guide you to view contract expiry as an opportunity to innovate your service scope, model, and respond to integrated commissioning arrangements.
  • We analyse your context against the guidance to determine the possibility of using the PSR.
  • We help you identify contractual links which could lead to transformative service improvements and highlight the benefits of commissioners and providers working jointly to renew contracts.

Co-produced Timetable

We help you identify what you can do to maximise your chances of contract renewal and assist you in crafting a solid plan to accomplish all the necessary steps, which could include: identifying areas of the service that require improvement, gathering evidence of
service delivery and value for money, developing a strategy for negotiating contract terms, partnership development and how to understand commissioners’ renewed needs and expectations. These stages take time and need to be carefully planned well before contract end.

Assistance in Negotiation and Risk Modelling

  • We help you provide commissioners with transparency around delivery methodology and pricing, extending to price risk modelling to minimise information asymmetries and ensuring informed decision-making for both you and commissioners.
  • We can also support with demonstrating value for money using benchmarking and demand and capacity modelling.

Document Production

Although a bid is no longer required, a compelling new service offer and financial proposition will be. We can help with this process bringing together your expertise into a compelling business case, meeting all commissioner requirements.

Our services aim to not only streamline your processes, but also drive radical and transformative change that benefits commissioners, service providers and service users.

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