Bid Support

Bid Support

Since 2015 we have secured over £3 billion worth of contracts for clients maintaining an 89% win rate (94% on quality).

Our successful start-to-finish bid support package helps clients win new contracts or protect their existing services.

We work as part of your team from the start, leading, managing, reviewing, coaching, writing, designing, modelling and presenting to get the job done.

Our support is tailored to each client’s needs selecting from a range of support offers to create a bespoke package that perfectly meets your needs. That way, whichever aspects of the bid process you require support for, be it strategy, writing, reviewing or something else, we will be able to take care of you.

Visit our bid support and mobilisation hub to find out more.

Alternatively, speak to us about your bid support needs by emailing tom.davis@baxendale.co.uk.

New Ventures, Income Streams and Growth

New Ventures, Income Streams and Growth

We provide end-to-end commercial support for health, care and wellbeing providers, developing impactful, sustainable market-ready solutions to system challenges.

Our approach brings an objective and outcomes-focused perspective, grounded in realism and informed by robust and detailed commercial analysis. We combine this with a deep understanding of your aims and context to deliver best results while minimising your exposure to risk.

Baxendale has supported a range of community health and NHS providers with their commercial strategy and developing and launching novel services such as:

  • Digital primary care for Looked After Children
  • Self-pay podiatry
  • Domiciliary care
  • Short-term care centres
  • Strategic transformation of retail food and shops
  • Diversification into new markets including primary care

For more information, visit our Commercial Growth Hub

Alternatively, contact email Robin Naudi at robin.naudi@baxendale.co.uk.

Service Improvement and Transformation

Service Improvement and Transformation

We support organisations and system partnerships to design and implement comprehensive improvement programmes and integrated, transformative models of care. Clients include providers of community services, mental health services, primary care and secondary care and increasingly Integrated Care Boards.

We are experienced at drawing together clinical teams and enabling functions, working to established programme management frameworks to drive quality improvement, enact long-lasting service transformation to improve patient outcomes, reduce cost or demand. Increasingly we work across system partners, working to a number of clients who interact with clinical pathways to varying degrees.

Our projects are varied, responding to the needs of each client, but usually include some of the following elements:

  • Service design – applying national and international best practice to a client’s local context.
  • Quality improvement – working together to understand, innovate and overcome complex issues, resulting in improved outcomes for service users
  • As-is capture – to identify the current state, using varied techniques including process mapping, interviews and deep-dives into available data
  • To-be mapping – to develop future operating models, and plan the approach and resourcing requirements to move to the to-be model
  • Partnership brokerage and merger support – to lay the foundations for meaningful integration.
  • Financial and workforce modelling – to model and cost planned changes at a granular level.
  • Programme management – to drive forward the programme to achieve intended outcomes, often supporting multiple system partners.

Email Tom.Davis@baxendale.co.uk for more information.

Measuring Value and Impact

Measuring Value and Impact

Measuring impact and value is central to our transformation offer as well as a stand alone service. We are social value experts with extensive experience in helping organisations create meaningful social value-based approaches. This supports organisations to understand, articulate, and measure their social impact alongside developing social value driven strategies to optimise the value they create for their staff, service users, beneficiaries and communities.

Our talented team brings a unique combination of insight, solutions and partnerships that support organisations to thrive. We ensure we understand each organisation fully including their competing priorities and supporting them to use social value as a basis to navigate these strategic decisions. This can include using social value or a particularly element – for example Health Inequalities as a basis to shape strategy, raise investment, create new delivery vehicles, partnerships and service models.

Baxendale’s methodology aligns social value generation with the wider organisational strategy and approach. It shifts the emphasis from social value being just about ‘what’ organisations do and a discrete set of activities, to being as much about ‘how’ organisations behave.

This aims to connect each organisation’s business goals and strategy with its social goals – capturing and articulating the connection between organisational approach, behaviours, actions, processes and overall social value. It draws on the best practice in social and environmental behaviours from across the social enterprise, employee ownership and sustainable business sectors.

Our support is tailored to each organisation’s needs, but is likely to include some or all the following elements:

  • Strategy alignment of social value goals to business objectives.
  • Designing the roadmap to implement the social value strategy, including approach, processes, and measurement frameworks.
  • Creating an oversight and communications approach for social value.
  • Developing a cycle of review and audit to know you are on track.

To speak to us about our social value offer, email Ceri Jones at ceri.jones@baxendale.co.uk.

Culture & Engagement

Culture & Engagement

We have delivered culture change programmes for micro businesses and SMEs through to large multi-nationals. Our team prioritises helping organisations make the most of their people, developing ownership cultures and promoting open and transparent communication.

We might start by benchmarking where your culture is today. Using a unique set of indicators, we identify sticking points and barriers, as well as what’s working well.

From there we work closely with employees and leadership teams to build change programmes based around getting in place the right behaviours, HR systems and processes, internal communications, governance and structures, ultimately working with leaders, managers and frontline to make it all work well. We can advise you on taking your vision forward, and support you every step of the way.