We provide the strategic and technical skills to ensure your estates is fit-for-purpose, optimising what you have and planning for any development needs.

We support you to develop the strategic vision and space plan to optimise resources and outcomes and respond to changing technological and demand requirements.  This includes:

Service model development

We combine population health needs assessments with evidence-based workforce and clinical models to develop an overarching model of care. This ensures your estates plans can deliver your wider objectives while being future proofed for technological and demand changes.

Estates Strategy

We support you to craft a strategic vision to align your estates portfolio and plans to wider objectives ensuring  physical and financial sustainability and resilience in your infrastructure. Estates blueprints translate these into implementation plans for improvement. 

Schedules of accommodation

We develop robust schedules of accommodation compliant with Health Building Notes (HBNs) and informed workforce and activity modelling. These tools are critical in informing financial assessment and ensuring that all buildings meet regulatory requirements.

Business Case

We create HMT compliant business cases to assess options and ensure project affordability.  This includes Strategic Outline Case and Project Initiation Documentation through to Outline and Full Business Cases. We are rigorous in our approach integrating robust analysis of feasibility, costs, benefits and risks with technical requirements.

Space planning

We can maximise the functionality of your clinical spaces to enhance both patient care and operational efficiency. This includes reviewing ‘patient and staff flows’ to ensure smooth and efficient operations, ‘clinical adjacencies’ to explore the functional relationships between spaces and ‘building stacking’ to optimise space utilisation and functional efficiency. 

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