Work with us: Access Impact Management

As a named provider for the Access Impact Management Programme, we are ready to help approved organisations apply for grants. The programme aims to help charities and social enterprises build capacity to manage impact so they can do more purposeful work, have greater social impact and diversify incomes.

Our case studies demonstrate our track record in helping organisations analyse, evaluate and communicate impact to help ensure projects are a success and that more people benefit. We enable our clients to capture, measure and promote their social impact in every area of their output – from core organisational outcomes to the wider local economic impact. Our aim is to create, support and grow sustainable high impact enterprises that make a difference.

We’ll support you to:

Impact for Growth strand

Following attending a training day delivered by Impetus-PEF, trained organisations can partner with providers like Baxendale to apply for a grant from a £1.8m fund to run an exciting project to transform your capacity to deliver more impactful work. We’ll help you bring your learning to life and embed impact into your organisation from board-level through to the frontline.

Grants can be up to £50,000 in size and can be spent over a 12 month period. Applications are accepted until midday Monday 29 January 2018.

If you’re looking for an approved provider for the Access Impact Management programme and are interested in hearing more about how we can help, email us at robin.naudi@baxendale.co.uk

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