Dillon Foley-Horan

Dillon has significant experience in a variety of complex projects where he led financial analysis, including sensitivity analysis and options appraisal. He navigates complex financial landscapes, delivers meaningful insights and informs decision-making. He has also handled quantitative risk assessment, management, and mitigation, showcasing his comprehensive skill set in guiding projects through potential challenges with a strategic and informed approach.

He also has experience in navigating intricate datasets to derive valuable insights and drive effective outcomes. With a Master’s in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nottingham, Dillon’s research project involved creating, analysing, and interpreting complex datasets to deliver actionable insights. This initiative culminated in the development of new processes for the elimination of pharmaceutical pollutants from the effluent of a local wastewater treatment plant. As a result, this experience refined his analytical ability, specializing in data analysis and interpretation.

Dillon’s dedication to community well-being is exemplified through years of voluntary service with the Mind charity. Actively engaging in awareness campaigns, he demonstrates a keen interest in making a positive impact on societal issues. His blend of technical proficiency, research skills, and community engagement positions him ready to contribute to impactful solutions and meaningful projects.

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