Measuring Value and Impact

Measuring impact and value is central to our transformation offer as well as a stand alone service. We are social value experts with extensive experience in helping organisations create meaningful social value-based approaches. This supports organisations to understand, articulate, and measure their social impact alongside developing social value driven strategies to optimise the value they create for their staff, service users, beneficiaries and communities.

Our talented team brings a unique combination of insight, solutions and partnerships that support organisations to thrive. We ensure we understand each organisation fully including their competing priorities and supporting them to use social value as a basis to navigate these strategic decisions. This can include using social value or a particularly element – for example Health Inequalities as a basis to shape strategy, raise investment, create new delivery vehicles, partnerships and service models.

Baxendale’s methodology aligns social value generation with the wider organisational strategy and approach. It shifts the emphasis from social value being just about ‘what’ organisations do and a discrete set of activities, to being as much about ‘how’ organisations behave.

This aims to connect each organisation’s business goals and strategy with its social goals – capturing and articulating the connection between organisational approach, behaviours, actions, processes and overall social value. It draws on the best practice in social and environmental behaviours from across the social enterprise, employee ownership and sustainable business sectors.

Our support is tailored to each organisation’s needs, but is likely to include some or all the following elements:

To speak to us about our social value offer, email Ceri Jones at ceri.jones@baxendale.co.uk.

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