Watch our newest video: Public Service Mutuals

Are you one of the millions of people delivering public services in England?

If you are, did you know there’s another way of serving your community with less of the bureaucracy that holds you back? Our video explores the benefits of public services becoming Public Service Mutuals.

Regular visitors might notice that this video looks a lot like the one we made on Employee Ownership. That’s because we created them as a pair to explain and explore the benefits of mutual cultures. Being employee owned ourselves, employee engagement is at the heart of all we do. Whether you’re a public service or a private business, tapping into the power of people – your workforce – can transform outcomes and lead to greater productivity, lower rates of absenteeism and greatly improve staff retention.

We are currently official providers offering support funded by DCMS to create and grow Mutuals.

Talk to us about how to begin your transition to become a Public Service Mutual.


The video was made in collaboration with Tom Nelson from This World Can. Thanks Tom!

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