10 Key Benefits of Becoming a Public Service Mutual

1: Find your independence

Gaining independence will allow you to run your services more efficiently, with less of the complicated bureaucracy that can get in the way of putting effort into the things that matter most.

2: Control the cash

Budget cuts become less burdensome when you’re able to diversify income streams and decide how your money is spent. Mutuals reinvest profits into their services for continued improvement.

3: Get engaged

Being part of a Mutual means employees are owners in their own right, which always raises engagement, leading to improved happiness and motivation. Higher engagement also improves absenteeism and reduces errors. Staff feel more valued.

4: Be innovative

Mutuals are able to be more innovative, with more ideas coming from all areas of the organisation. With your newfound freedom, you can be agile, which brings out creative problem solving.

5: Adapt to challenges

This agility allows your service to be more adaptable to outside challenges. Responding quickly to demand improves outcomes for your service users, meaning your community stays at the heart of your work.

6: Make new friends

You will be in a position to form strategic partnerships with other providers to build capacity and bid for the contracts that matter to you and your local community the most.

7: Be part of something special

You’re in good company. There are more than 125 mutuals delivering over £1.6 billion of public services, growing at around 7% per year, and constantly increasing turnover since their launch.

8: Know your value

Mutuals can deliver better value services for commissioners, because they’re often more productive, have the freedom to optimise processes and can reinvest into communities.

9: Grow

All of this will drive growth and efficiency: SEUK’s report found that Mutuals have higher productivity than non-mutuals, with 92% of mutuals being found to be profitable.

10: Get funded to do it

These above reasons (and more) are why government has committed to support the growth of public service mutuals, through schemes like the Mutuals Support Programme 2.

Are you convinced? We can help you make the transition. Get in touch with tom.davis@baxendale.co.uk to have an explanatory conversation.