Funding window open for public services to explore delivery models: Don’t miss out!

Government announces more funding for the Mutuals Support Programme to help public services explore new delivery models.

We’re part of the GoMutual consortium, supporting organisations to explore new delivery models, including becoming a Public Service Mutual. With funding available, now is a great time to re-think your service delivery.


Updates: This round of funding has now closed, but there is a following round of funding open until 21st June.

Many public service organisations are considering the best way to deliver their services amid mounting pressures, and interest in alternative models of delivery, like Public Service Mutuals (PSMs), is increasing. The Mutuals Support Programme has already enabled dozens of organisations to explore and set up new models, and the announcement of more funding is testament to how the sector is thriving.

The benefits of becoming a PSM include: being more agile in responding to demand; more flexibility for staff; higher levels of employee engagement; being able to build partnerships and diversify income streams; and cutting time-consuming bureaucracy.

A Mutual is special because of the element of employee ownership that leads to high staff engagement and resultant fresh ideas and innovation. Wholly owned subsidiaries, joint ventures, community interest companies, social enterprises and employee owned companies are all models we’ve seen public services adopt in order to gain control over their services and their futures.

We’re inviting public services to talk to us about reimagining their service delivery. Email Saimah.heron@baxendale.co.uk for more information.

About GoMutual

GoMutual – made up of MetaValue, Stepping Out, Eastside Primetimers, Social Enterprise Acumen, Hempsons solicitors and Baxendale – have collectively worked with over 90 service teams right across the public sector, from leisure and culture to health and social care, supporting new models of delivery. We are named providers by DCMS for the Mutuals Support Programme.

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Our infographic will help you understand the steps involved in applying for funding and getting your new project underway.

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