Merger and Acquisition support for not-for-profits

Our M&A approach de-mystifies M&A activity and at the same time provides structure and focus. We can support you from the time that you decide to consider M&A through each of the steps ending in successful post transaction integration. Even if you are already on your M&A journey and need extra support, our experienced practitioners will be able to get up to speed quickly and provide the support needed to get your M&A project completed.

Our packages of support are always tailored to your own unique requirements and are likely to include:

1. Developing an M&A strategy

A Merger or Acquisition is not a stand alone strategy. We will work with you to get under the skin of why you want to look at M&A within the context of your overall strategy and any organisational constraints and challenges. We will then work with you to fine tune an approach to M&A that works for you and articulate this in terms of markets, services, and ideal M&A partner profiles.

2. Merger or acquisition partner search

Partner search requires deep sector knowledge. Our team know the health and social care market and commissioning environment well, so can support you to target the right potential M&A partners. We do this through structured research, our own extensive network of contacts, and of course your own local knowledge. We will also support you to carefully approach potential partners and facilitate initial joint exploration sessions.

3. Evaluation of the opportunity

Evaluation involves both parties from the outset. Whether it is a merger of equals or a bolt on acquisition, opportunity evaluation is best seen as a joint process. We can facilitate the development of a focused evaluation of the M&A opportunity and ensure that all the important issues and red lines such as what merger model to use and future leadership considerations are explored in an open and transparent way, and resolved ahead of making that all important decision to proceed or not.


4. Pre transaction project management

Once a decision in principle has been made by each Board to proceed with the merger or acquisition we can support you to prepare to execute the transaction and manage post-transaction integration. Project workstreams in the run up to the merger or acquisition transaction are likely to include, HR, TUPE, communications, legal and constitutional matters, commercial considerations, future governance arrangements, financial planning, and benefits realisation planning.

5. Executing the transaction

We have a deep working knowledge of the legal forms that your merger or acquisition might take. So whether it’s a straight forward asset transfer deal, creation of a completely new corporate vehicle, or a group structure, we can work with your legal advisors to ensure that the transaction goes as smoothly as possible, including Board approvals, constitutional documentation, and regulatory notifications. We can even support you to satisfy your M&A partners due-diligence requirements.

6. Post transaction integration

This is where the hard work begins. We can support you to ensure that ‘business as usual’ continues for both parties whilst at the same time helping you to realise the benefits and synergies that were the basis for your merger or acquisition. Our structured approach will ensure that cultures become aligned, enabling you to drive forward all aspects of required organisation change including transforming processes, service delivery, management and governance arrangements.

We will help you to develop and embed your M&A plans

When you are ready to explore specific opportunities, get in touch either via our website or directly by emailing
jim.brooks@baxendale.co.uk .