Livewell Southwest CIC: Business Development and Commercial Strategy

The client and their challenge

Livewell Southwest (LSW) provides integrated community health, mental health, learning disability, well-being, pharmacy, and social care services to the population of Plymouth, and community health services to the adult population of South Hams and West Devon.

As one of the most integrated providers of out-of-hospital care in England, LSW recognises its unique opportunity to combine a collaborative approach to solving system challenges with the freedom it has as a social enterprise. In this spirit, LSW approached Baxendale to support its business development and commercial strategy with the aim of enabling its ambition to develop and deliver system solutions in a way that is responsive, innovative, and flexible.

The solution

Baxendale worked closely with the LSW team to set out the strategic direction for LSW’s commercial activities as well as the operating process and approach to support effective delivery. We did this using the Baxendale commercial strategy methodology, consisting of the following phased approach:

1. Establishing strategic objectives for commercial activity in line with organisational values

Having understood LSW’s historical and current activity, we performed a SWOT analysis before engaging with a broad range of Board, Executive team, and clinical stakeholders to identify the strategic drivers for any future activity.

2. Developing business development and commercial principles

Intended to underpin all future activity to guide the way in which LSW develops its business, innovates, and delivers added value to the system and communities in which it operates.

3. Establishing a process-driven validation process and delivery approach

Outlining how LSW will identify opportunities, asses them against strategic, market, financial and feasibility criteria, decide whether to pursue them or not, and then effectively mobilise and implement new ventures or services.

4. Operationalising the strategy

Through establishing robust governance processes and identifying the resource and the roles and responsibilities to effectively implement the strategy alongside the anticipated inputs and outputs for each stage of the validation process and delivery approach.

5. Leading a clinical capability audit to identify areas ripe for commercialisation

Working closely with operational leads to identify commissioned and non-commissioned priority areas for further assessment.

The outcome

The outcome of the project is a clear direction of travel for LSW’s business development and commercial activity, with a detailed assessment process established to ensure that any new services and contracts LSW launches are well-understood, costed, and de-risked, with strategic alignment to LSW and system priorities.

Following on from the project, Baxendale are delighted to have been appointed to support LSW in implementing several of the priority areas identified in the strategy.

If you are seeking support on developing your approach to business development and commercial activity, please contact Robin Naudi – Head of Commercial and Digital, here: contact us.

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