Junior Consultant Spotlight: Joshua Gaw

In the second of our Junior Consultant spotlights, we find out how Josh Gaw came to join the Baxendale Team…

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An interest in current affairs
“I did a ‘Politics and International Relations’ degree at Bath University, which included a year in Brussels where I worked as a Policy Assistant for a lobbying firm. Following uni, I worked in Public Affairs for a year and a half, working with a range of clients and covering lots of policy areas. During this time I developed an interest in security which led me to do a Masters in Intelligence and International Security at King’s College London.”

Consulting means making a difference
“I was made more aware of the opportunities consulting held through career evenings. It seemed to me that consulting would allow a broader vista of the areas I am motivated to work in, unlike some of the work I had done before which had a micro lens on certain business processes.
“Because Baxendale has a unique heritage – being experts on and pioneers of Employee Ownership – they stood apart. I found the employee ownership model interesting. You get to help shape the business you’re a part of. Also, Baxendale is values-driven and exists to benefit society. Some larger firms have fixed solutions that they make fit, but we can be very tailored and have sector experts in the team. Clients really value that we understand their needs and provide quality in their niche.”

Insight into other ways of running services
“As a Junior Consultant, I have been working a lot on Health: helping with bid proposals, project management, demand profiling and modelling. I’ve been going out to see GP practices; we’ve been investigating how better to utilise a GP’s time through improving care navigation or creating a minor illness hub…
“I have become especially interested in the intrinsic link between health and housing. There’s a cohort of people using the same services repeatedly because they’re not able to look after themselves at home long term. Until these areas are recognised to be linked, the pressure is never alleviated.
“Governments often work in silos but we want to see how areas can support each other and what the most effective solutions are for wider social and economic impact. To get any change, you need traction at all levels and there needs to be a solid case for it. That’s where we can help – getting to the heart of problems and finding new models that have wider and more beneficial implications for the rest of the UK.”

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