Junior Consultant Spotlight: Helen Ots

Our Junior Consultants are promising young business professionals wishing to have a career through which they can have a positive impact. We asked Helen Ots, who has been with Baxendale since October, about her experiences so far.

Being entrepreneurial at university
“I graduated from Loughborough in 2015 where I studied Management Sciences with emphasis on data management which gave me a grounding for the impact reporting I do at Baxendale. I did three years at university and one in industry. At the time, the majority of opportunities open to me were to work for large corporates but I knew I wanted to gain experience at an SME so took the role of Enterprise and Employability Intern at the Students Union.

“A big focus for me at university was being involved with Enactus, which is an organisation that inspires students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. This really struck a chord, so I did commercial projects with them and organised their first business partner dinner. I am still involved with the Enactus UK alumni network as their professional development lead.”

A global look
“In the summer of 2014 I did the South Africa challenge, which is a two-week leadership, cultural exchange and personal development challenge. I took part in a hackathon which brought together people with so many different skills and experiences. This inspired me to run a 24-hour global ‘Social Storm’ hackathon when I got back – bringing together students, businesses and other interested parties to tackle UN goals. Plus I ended up going back to South Africa in 2015, and am going again this year.”

Working at Baxendale
“Since starting at Baxendale, I’ve been involved in many things. I’ve helped with impact reporting for numerous clients including assisting with workshops to build their Theory of Change; have been working on bids and options appraisals; have been researching different housing models – diverse work at different stages of the process, which has helped me better understand what we can do for clients. I also love how I’ve built relationships with clients already and feel trusted. I’m looking forward to gaining confidence in client-facing work. I want to learn as much as possible.”

Big Picture
“We help clients create the change they want to see. In my career, I want to make a positive impact through the personal development of people. I can’t fix every problem – but people can.”

Although we are not currently recruiting, we could be on the look out for new talents. If you’re interested in joining the Baxendale team, email careers@baxendale.co.uk to be the first to know when we are next open for applications.

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