Estates Strategy

An Estates Strategy is an essential document for a community health provider. It gives a solid direction of travel to guide the development of buildings in a way that meets clinical needs and wider organisation strategic aims in way that is both deliverable and financially sustainable.

Our approach to support the development of an innovative and people-first estates strategy normally begins with an assessment of your existing estate. Importantly, this includes discussions with key operational and clinical stakeholders who hold an invaluable working knowledge of your spaces. This assessment focusses on the physical condition, functional suitability and quality of the buildings and builds the foundations for an Estates Strategy.

Once our initial assessment is complete, we work with stakeholders to develop a vision statement. This takes into account all of your requirements including shifting to new models of working and delivering services. The vision statement should be inspiring and wide-ranging, covering the relationship between the estate and the organisation’s wider strategic aims and policies. It should promote innovation and future-proofing in all future estates-related decisions.

Finally, armed with an analysis of the current estates and a strong vision for the future of the estate, we work with you to build a framework for the development of the buildings within your estate portfolio that will ultimately achieve your vision. This final piece of work is often the most complex but is essential to ensure that your estates strategy is actionable.

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