Efficiency and Productivity

At Baxendale, we keep people at the heart of everything we do, identifying opportunities for change and helping you with their implementation


People go into caring professions to help patients and improve lives.  Yet, efficiency and productivity are terms which have become synonymous with the delivery of NHS services.

At Baxendale, we keep people at the heart of everything we do, identifying opportunities for change and helping you with their implementation. We are experts in supporting Community Service, Mental Health and Primary Care organisations to:

  • improve existing staff usage, recruitment and retention
  • ensure optimisation of tools e.g. clinic templates, reminders and data analytics to make the best use of limited capacity
  • support teams to develop and implement truly innovative solutions to reduce financial pressures

Our three services can be can be delivered as standalone or combined pieces of work

Workforce Productivity

Workforce expenditure constitutes nearly 80% of the NHS annual budget, making a robust understanding of how staff are being used crucial.

How we work

From the outset, a comparative analysis between your current state (‘as is’) and the desired future optimum workforce will inform our approach. In collaboration with key organisational representatives, we capture your budgeted and actual establishment along with their corresponding activity levels to develop a baseline of your workforce productivity.

This baseline informs workshops that employ scenario analysis techniques to model your future workforce , identifying the optimum option in relation to local population growth. We ensure that we place particular emphasis on empowering your staff to continue this work long after we have gone through raising awareness of key themes and through training provision.

Optimising Service Delivery

Service Delivery Support tools are not always optimised as well as they should be for effective use by your teams.

How we work

Our comprehensive approach focuses on data analytics and staff engagement to gain a clear understanding of current processes and determine operational challenges that are impacting on productivity. This will lead to the development of activities to support:

  • Increased slot utilisation
  • Reduced DNAs
  • Establishment of consistent templates and documentation
  • Identification of commercial opportunities
  • Enhanced referral management
  • Pathway redesign
  • Implementation of robust governance structures

We work with staff to help prepare them for any changes and understand their importance before implementation. Our support to design robust governance arrangements with supporting KPIs will highlight the impact of implemented changes.

Cost and Efficiency Improvement

With increased challenges and scrutiny around budgetary spend, the need for robust cost and efficiency approaches has never been greater with internal cost improvement programmes often having variable success.

How we work

Experience has shown us that mobilisation and staff engagement with cost improvement and efficiency initiatives can pose a significant challenge. Our comprehensive and approach keeps communication and staff engagement at its core to source ideas for cost and efficiency improvement, and to maximise speed and effectiveness of delivery. This ensures staff buy-in at all levels from the start, ensures that an accurate assessment of your current financial position is achieved with accompanying analysis of the root causes of cost and efficiency issues.

Our final report will include an assessment of the organisations leadership and cultural ability to deliver financial improvement, alongside clear recommendations for opportunities with the greatest savings, ensuring they are aligned to organisational strategic goals and considered for feasibility and risk.

We pride ourselves to not only delivering a report explaining ‘what needs to change’ but to work with you and your teams to implement and ensure these changes are sustained.

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