DCMS publishes paper ‘Public Service Mutuals: State of the Sector 2018’

Last week, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport published a brand new research paper into Public Service Mutuals

The paper, which looks into the health of organisations that have left the public sector but are continuing to deliver public services, was commissioned by DCMS and written by Social Enterprise UK‘s Dan Gregory, with support from Viewpoint Research.

The findings show public service mutuals are in good health.

Key takeaways include:

  • Mutuals are operating across multiple markets, including health, education, employment and youth services
  • Most are growing steadily; by on average 50% since launching
  • 90% reported faster or easier decision making than when part of the public sector
  • 66% have developed new products or services in the past year
  • The majority (as many as 92%) made a profit in the last year
  • Absenteeism goes down after organisations become Mutuals
  • 85% thought the primary benefit of becoming a public sector mutual was having a happier and more engaged workforce

In the forward, Jo Pritchard – Director of Health and Care at Social Enterprise UK and founder of CSH Surrey – writes:

“The evidence suggests that spin-outs, in the NHS in particular, are thriving despite extremely challenging conditions. They are breaking even and reinvesting profits in communities, unlike their public and private sector counterparts respectively. They are outperforming others when it comes to patient feedback, friends and family tests, staff satisfaction and engagement. They are growing, picking up new work, innovating and developing new ways to deliver services to those in need.”

At Baxendale we have a long history of supporting those delivering public services to develop alternative delivery models that give them the versatility to thrive amid complex challenges. Employee ownership culture – fundamental to mutuals as well as EO businesses and social enterprises – is at the heart of much of our work.

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