Open Door: Home from home
A social enterprise providing a range of health care and social support services to vulnerable people in Grimsby


In January 2015, Open Door started a pilot for a new service called ‘The Sanctuary’, designed to address the paucity of out of hours support for people in crisis. Every night the Sanctuary provides overnight ‘home-from-home’ support at a time when other support services are unavailable. Open Door came to us for support in assessing the social impact of ‘The Sanctuary’, to both help determine the success of the pilot and, if deemed successful, to support proposals for longer term funding.

Solution and outcome

We developed a theory of change and assessment methodology to appropriately capture the quantitative and qualitative benefits and costs to service users and wider stakeholders. Recognising that the intention was that The Sanctuary would free up expensive resources elsewhere in the system, namely in A&E and Policing, we ensured that our analysis drew upon the widest possible pool of stakeholders. We sensitively collected data from these sources, before drawing up conclusions and recommendations for commissioners to consider ahead of a proposed continuation of ‘The Sanctuary’. The impact report will be presented in early July, highlighting that The Sanctuary’s net annual benefit to the local community is £819k.

The annual benefit derived by ‘The Sanctuary’ and captured for the first time in our Social Impact report.

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