Winning an APMS bid across two lots with Ranworth Surgery

Our work with Ranworth resulted in the award of both Caradoc Surgery and Clacton Community Practices

The Ranworth Team is experienced at running multiple practices to an outstanding level, with excellent patient satisfaction stats across the board.


Ranworth Surgery came to us with the ambition to become leaders in the transformation of primary care within their Primary Care Network (PCN). To do so, Ranworth wanted to bid for an APMS contract with two separate lots which were being put out to tender at the same time. This meant that there was a significant volume of activity to be completed in a short period of time.

The Decision

As they were already running multiple practices successfully, it didn’t take us long to see the quality of Ranworth’s operating model. The Partners very obviously cared deeply about their patients and staff and were very good at providing that care. Ranworth’s values of high quality patient-centric care and employee engagement aligned so well with ours, so we were keen to work together. The Partners were leading on digital transformation of GP care; and they were heavily involved in the day-to-day management of the practice, offering support to all members of staff.

The Project

Assured by Ranworth’s ability to competently deliver the APMS contract, we developed a project plan that incorporated both lots so that we could progress both lots at the same pace and realise efficiencies in the bid production process. Throughout the writing process we worked closely with the Ranworth team, constantly updating and refining the responses with nuanced information that we teased out of them rather than relying on the initial information gathering exercise alone. We worked efficiently, using information relevant to both contracts in both sets of responses, but also heavily tailoring each lot to ensure all responses were at the highest possible quality. By managing our time effectively, we were able to spend significant time polishing the final versions of the responses towards the end of the project. This is what would make the response fall into the “exceptional” band of the marking criteria rather than the “very good” band.

The Outcome

Shortly after submitting the tender, we received good news that Ranworth had moved onto the presentation stage. Once more, we did the necessary to prepare a presentation that ticked all the commissioner’s boxes, and Ranworth put forward a strong case for themselves. It came as no surprise that Ranworth had won the APMS contract across both lots. They are now mobilising those contracts, and look forward to broadening their exceptional model of care.

Well done Ranworth!

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