City Health Care Partnership CIC: Digital-First Service for Looked After Children and Care Leavers

“Throughout what was an innovative approach to modelling services to meet the primary care needs of children in the looked after system and beyond Baxendale brought a range of professional skills to the table and appropriately challenged the concept where needed. Their support was invaluable.” – Dr Mark Findley, Medical Director, CHCP CIC.

The client and their challenge

City Health Care Partnership CIC (CHCP) is an independent, social enterprise health services provider. They are an employee co-owned ‘for better profit’ organisation, investing profits into services, colleagues, and the communities they work in. They provide over 50 diverse services in community settings, from health visiting to palliative care, school nursing to stroke services in Hull, the East Riding of Yorkshire, Knowsley, Wigan and St Helens.

Having established an ambition to explore how they could enhance care, improve pathways, and add value to the looked after children and care leaver cohort in Hull and East Riding, over and above its existing health and wellbeing services, CHCP asked Baxendale for support in developing a strategic outline case for the development of a digital-first health service for looked after children and care leavers.

The solution and outcome

We first performed market research to provide CHCP with an up-to-date view of the fast-evolving digital landscape in primary and integrated care, including the most recent NHS England rules and treatment for providers delivering digital services for out of area patients. We also explored the total market potential for CHCP as well as the specific needs of target service users to inform design of the operating model.

Having gathered the essential market intelligence, we worked in collaboration with CHCP clinical leads to develop the service vision and granular operating model, to improve access, service user engagement and experience. It also factored in health and wellbeing outcomes for a cohort of young people whose living circumstances and experience of statutory services too often pose a barrier to positive outcomes.

Building on the operating model, we developed an overview of the revenue and cost considerations to illustrate the viability of the new service, highlighting any areas of particular risk. Accompanying this was an overview of the overarching benefits and risks as well as specific points for consideration with recommendations to the Senior Management Team (SMT).

The strategic outline case was presented to the SMT and given the green light to progress towards full implementation of the service.

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