Check and Challenge service

We support NHS teams delivering service change and reconfiguration programmes, providing reassurance, readiness assessments and/or action plans.

Our Check and Challenge service ensures you can deliver your project, successfully mitigating the increased risk of challenge following new ministerial powers.

Regulations introduced in January 2024 now allow the Secretary of State to intervene in NHS service change and reconfigurations at any stage following a “call-in” from anyone including members of the public, potentially leading to unnecessary delay (including the need for public consultation), additional budget requirements or substantial changes to the project.

We can help with a wide range of reconfiguration and services change programmes, including:


  • Large-scale hospital development proposals, e.g. New Hospitals Programme, where new sites are proposed
  • Significant changes to acute provision, e.g. changes to clinical services such as Urgent Care or Maternity services
  • Changes in the operating models of Community Services

Our “Check and Challenge” model


  • is a short engagement 15-25 day reviewing the service reconfiguration (or service change)
  • both interviews (relationship / public engagement) and documentation (key documentation such as travel analysis) from the perspective of challenge (Call-In Powers / Judicial Review)
  • provides two key outputs a) readiness assessment and b) action plan, which is co-designed with the leadership team

We can support at any stage of the programme, including:


  • Reconfiguration proposals in their initial stage of development
  • Existing Reconfiguration Programmes
  • Input into Decision-making Business Case
  • Provider changes to Clinical Service (new under the 2024 regulations)

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