Brighton Women’s Centre: Women’s Community Rehabilitation Service

The client and their challenge

Brighton Women’s Centre (BWC) is a charity that has supported self-identifying women in Sussex for over 45 years. BWC helps women from all backgrounds facing all kinds of issues, to live happier lives including those dealing with bereavement, trauma, women who have been through homelessness, the criminal justice system and survivors of abuse or discrimination.

In 2020, BWC was approaching the end of its core contract to deliver women-centred wrap-around support to the Kent, Surrey, and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company (KSS CRC). At the same time, the Ministry of Justice launched a Probation Dynamic Framework (PDF) as a mechanism to procure rehabilitation and resettlement interventions and the main route for voluntary organisations to deliver services through the probation system.

BWC hoped to continue its work providing rehabilitation support to women in Sussex and commissioned Baxendale to support its application to become an approved provider on the framework and subsequent tender response for the £1.5m Women’s Cohort Service Category contract in Sussex.

The solution

Baxendale initially worked with the BWC team over the summer of 2020 to analyse the framework requirements and develop a compelling Selection Questionnaire response.

BWC was awarded a place on the framework and Baxendale was delighted to be appointed to project manage the development of BWC’s tender response for the Women’s Community Rehabilitation Service in Sussex, including the provision of strategic advice, bid strategy and bid production and writing support.

We worked hand in glove with Lisa Dando, BWC’s Chief Executive, operational leads and external stakeholders to plan, coordinate and deliver a 20,000 plus word tender response. The aim was to effectively translate an ambitious trauma-responsive and asset-based service model into a compelling narrative to meet rigorous commissioner requirements. To ensure we were writing the most effective response, we worked closely with the BWC team to gain a deep understanding of their service and to ensure their ability to meet the specification was translated effectively.

The outcome

BWC was successful and was awarded the contract as sole provider in Sussex, allowing BWC to continue its 45-year track record of delivering exceptional outcomes for women living with multiple disadvantages.

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