Our Bid Process

We deliver outstanding results: Our team has secured over £3 billion of contracts for our clients, with an 88% win rate (94% on Quality).

Our simple but powerful Bid Management process supports you and your team to produce winning bids. By following this well-defined process, we deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Baxendale’s bid process

During the risk review stage, we identify and document bid risks. Our team works with you to develop mitigating strategies, ensuring a smooth bid process with minimal risks.

The bid production phase involves drafting, reviewing, refining, and submitting the bid within the specified timeline. We collaborate with your team and subject matter experts to create comprehensive and compelling bid responses.

To ensure bid excellence, we support several reviews:

  • SME Review: We support Subject Matter Experts in your organisation to review the first drafts to ensure accuracy and alignment with the bid's objectives.
  • Red Team Review: A comprehensive review of the first complete drafts to analyse the bid's effectiveness and alignment with evaluation criteria.
  • Pricing Review: A thorough review of the commercial schedule to ensure pricing strategy alignment and minimise risks.
  • Green Team Review: A second-level review of the entire bid response to confirm compliance, operational deliverability, and alignment with the win strategy.
  • Gold Team Review: The final sign-off process to ensure the bid is ready for submission.

In the handover phase, we provide you with all bid-related information and support with the submission process. We also discuss next steps, such as responding to post-submission clarifications and conducting a ‘lessons-learned’ exercise.

By following this well-defined Bid Management process, we deliver outstanding results for our clients. Contact us today to discuss your bid requirements and let our team assist you in achieving bidding success.

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