Baxendale recognised as Best for the World 2021

It’s with great pride that we can announce that for a fourth time we have been recognised as one of the Best for the World™ B Corps putting us in the top 5% for Workers in 2021! Not only are we in the top 5% of B Corps globally, but in our size category of over thirty organisations, only two had a better score than us.

We didn’t get here by accident either, it’s thanks to every member of our team who continuously foster our culture and exhibit our values that makes Baxendale a great place to work. We are an employee-owned business and when you look past the label you can see that every single one of us really does take ownership without fear, reluctancy or judgement. From our Junior Consultants up to our Director, we are partners and our voices are heard equally.

Here’s a few reasons why we think we’re great for our workers:

1. Our reason to exist

Each one of our partners works for Baxendale because they truly believe in creating sustainable impact for our clients (and ultimately, for the world). From the articles we share to the challenging questions we ask ourselves when approaching new opportunities, like “are we the best people to fix this problem and can we really fix it?”, we’re all passionate about making change happen. Our 89% bid success rate and the £2.8bn we have helped our clients win in contracts and tenders are more than enough proof of our commitment and drive.

2. Working environment

We were not immune to the huge challenges of the past 18 months and the tremendous effort it would take to get a team operating fully remotely. However, our flexible approach to working enabled us to navigate the pandemic without the added stress of strict work schedules. Our team could easily create a work/life balance that worked for them; with one of them moving to Switzerland and some of us having the occasional toddler hanging out in the back of meetings. We also managed to recruit and hire three new people and onboard them fully remotely! Currently, we’re in discussions about what our new way of working looks like and each partner is able to choose their preference and build a balance that suits them and their lifestyle.

3. Empowered to grow and develop

Every one of our partners gets a yearly training budget to support them to build skills, fill knowledge gaps and learn something new. We encourage our team to continue learning and often share knowledge through lunch and learns or shadowing each other on training courses. We saw there was a need in the team for someone who could add structure to our learning and development, so we hired someone who could do just that and now we all play a collective part in furthering our knowledge, identifying our gaps and offering solutions to fill them.

4. Share-scheme

By enabling our team to opt-in to a share scheme we are not just improving our retention but also rewarding and recognising our partners for the hard work they put in to build Baxendale. Employee ownership is at the heart of everything we do and by creating the opportunity to truly own a part of the company we feel responsible and empowered to make our business a success.

5. Health and Wellbeing

The markets we work in give us an in-depth understanding of how much health and wellbeing contributes to thriving and happy communities. From our Friday quizzes which give us the chance to catch up and chat, to mental health sessions and access to an Employee Assistance Programme, we pride ourselves on creating a caring and enjoyable place to work. We understand that for us to do the best possible work for our clients, delivering impactful and sustainable solutions, requires a resilient, healthy and happy workforce.

We are delighted that our culture and workforce has been recognised in this year’s Best for the World™ awards. However, Baxendale will keep working towards improving our B Corp score in all areas so that we can progress towards the common goal and vision we share with all B Corps: to collectively transform the global economic system to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

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