We can help: New £1.7m fund to help create new mutuals and strengthen existing ones

Demonstrating further commitment to revolutionise the way public services are delivered, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is making £1.7m available to help create new Public Service Mutuals (Mutuals) and strengthen existing ones.

Baxendale, working in partnership with Mutual Ventures, BWB and Bevan Brittan, will play a key role in delivering the programme.

What’s available?

1. Mutuals Support Programme 2.0

A total of £1.2m will provide access to professional advice across areas including options appraisals, business planning, financial modelling, legal advice and people & operations planning.

2. Mutuals Partnership Support Programme

The remaining £500,000 will be used to pilot other support programmes – such as partnership working – to help Mutuals collaborate with voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations (and others) to broaden the services they offer.
In addition to this, a mentoring scheme and peer support network will support newly-formed and aspiring mutuals with their challenges, plus provide a forum through which to share experiences and celebrate success.

Why become a Public Service Mutual?

Mutualisation often results in public services becoming more efficient, innovative and having higher workforce engagement. Mutuals are driven by their employees – the very people that know the communities they serve best, and are freer to be agile in decision making, diversification and responding to the needs of the communities they serve.
Having provided end-to-end support to the largest spin-out from central government (Remploy) as well as supported multiple Public Service Mutuals in everything from creating business cases to implementing cultural transformation, we’ve seen first-hand how mutualisation can revive and enhance public services.
That’s why over 110 organisations – from health and social care right through to leisure services and education providers – have already chosen to leave the public sector and take more control over the design of their services.

Next steps

If your organisation would like to consider becoming a Public Service Mutual, or is currently operating as one and wants the support to grow, you can get in touch with tom.davis@baxendale.co.uk to discuss your ideas and Mutual aspirations. We look forward to hearing from you.

Check for eligibility online or by writing to mutuals@culture.gov.uk.

Read the government press release.

What’s a Mutual? This great video by DCMS explains:

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